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Welcome to Golf Shafts Australia BETA

by Brian Huxtable on

Thanks for visiting! We're currently in BETA, which is basically a fancy term for saying we're hacking it around and haven't quite figured out how to hit a Tiger Woods stinger yet, and there may be a few bugs and minor flaws in the site.  Much like a golfer learning their craft, we've decided to start off with just a 7-iron (The Grip Master) and once we master that we'll start to offer an array of premium golf shafts, more grips, and clubmaking accessories including adapters, ferrules, weights and screws and other products.  We hope you'll be patient and come back often to see us as we get familiar with our full set of clubs! 

If you've got any questions or suggestions please feel free to get in touch with us on our contact page.


The Golf Shafts Australia Team

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