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Golfing Terms For the Easily Offended

by Bold Commerce on

Let's not mess about, here's Golf Shafts Australia's top 18 Golfing Terms:

1. An Elton John - A big bender that lips the rim

2. A Ladyboy - Put it in the wrong hole, but still felt alright

3. A Steve Irwin - A stinger that didn't go as planned

4. A Dirty Harry - When you're feeling lucky

5. A German Virgin - Guten Tight

6. A Canadian Seal Hunter - Picked the wrong club

7. A Paige Spiranac - Looks fantastic but a win is unlikely

8. A Michael Jackson - Decision to play from the Junior tees

9. An Osama Bin Laden - Laid up in the same place too many times

10. A Johnny Depp - Thought it was good but turned out shit

11. A Steve Smith - Thought you'd get away with it but ends in tears

12. A Jacinda Ardern - Skinny but got a result

13. A Teabag - 2 Balls in the hole at the same time

14. A Durex - Safe but just doesn't feel right

15. A Kardashian's Dream - When no white balls are allowed

16. A Bill Clinton - Can't remember what hole you played last

17. A Joe Biden - Can't remember anything

18. A Paris Hilton - An expensive hole that you'd still be curious to play

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